Article published in El País, on human rights, feminism, sexism, injustice, poverty, and women struggle in Guatemala. More than ten interviews took place in the highlands of Guatemala with women victims of different types of discrimination who still live under the racism and the discrimination of their own people.


Photo essay posted in La Vanguardia: Young people in Burundi are contributing to reconciliation in a country that still is recovering from decades of civil war.


Building peace requires time and strength. Article based on the testimonies and opinions of youth Burundian people who are contributing to reconciliation in a country that still is recovering from decades of civil war. Photos and story. 

Darlene, 40, sits with two of her children at her local health centre. She found out she was HIV-positive in 2011, but thanks to the prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme, her five children are all HIV-negative. Photos and story. 

We went to the Burundi’s northwest region, Cibitoke, bordering with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda to document how most of the families have many mouths to feed and not enough food to provide. Video, photos, and story.

Last April 2016, I arrived in Burundi to serve as a Communication Officer with UNICEF, with a very clear mission: to advocate for the rights of Burundi’s children through the power of storytelling and digital communications.


Photo Essay published in @Medium on Amani Festival which reunited more than 34,000 people in 3 days of music, dance, and culture to promote and demand peace in the still wounded North-Kivu region, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Also published at Ayiba Magazine.


For several weeks, I went with a Peruvian professional photographer, Guillermo Gutierrez,  to the indigenous villages of the Lake Atitlan in Guatemala to know the reality, the testimonies, and the challenges that indigenous women living in the country. 


My coverage on one of the worst natural disasters registered in Guatemala in the last years, El Cambray II tragedy. I went to the disaster area to know more about the affected families and consequences of the mudslide. 


Photo essay published in LifeGate on the first trial in which sexual violation is tried as a crime against humanity in the very country where it took place. Slavery and violence against indigenous women.

The Objetive:

Fotoreportaje publicado en el medio español de fotoperiodismo – Fotografías y texto sobre el desastre natural que dejó más 500 muertos y desaparecidos en Guatemala.

Mayan Families:

We worked with indigenous women and international experts to set a political agenda to propose to the States, the United Nations system, the international cooperation framework, and the indigenous movement from the Americas.

I have interviewed Lyle Waldman,  a Canadian doctor specialized in humanitarian aid, about the health issues that affect indigenous populations in rural Guatemala.

United Nations – CCOI:

New York – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has designated Academy Award-nominated actor and committed environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio, as a UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change. (

With the voices:

Interviewing a former Israel Defense Soldier –

Revista Indiscretos:

Article published in “Revista Indiscretos” about the 15-M Movement.

Article published in “Revista Indiscretos” which analyse the growing of the Euroescepticism in the old continent.

Reflexions on what is art, what is culture and its meaning within society, “Revista Indiscretos”.

An article on regards the Russian foreign policy and the influence of  Vladimir Putin, “Revista Indiscretos”

(More examples available in the politics section “Querida Realidad”).

Article published in “” about the Jewish Genocide.

The economic miracle of Rwanda after the Genocide.

Obama supports gay marriage, “”.

All my work at the online newspaper in the international area.

Tercera información:

Newspaper report on regards the end of terrorist conflict in the Basque Country. Includes interviews, research and photo material.

Telefonica Foundation:

Article on the workshop “Much more than photography” in which Telefónica Volunteers and beneficiaries of Gil Gayarre Foundation, had unique experiences in through the art of photography.

Manantial NGO:

Press note on the the premiere of the documentary “Out of Place” at the Matadero cultural center of Madrid.


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